Campus House

Campus House, located near the Humboldt State University campus, offers interaction and academic support for independent study high school students; as well as curriculum support and learning verification to home study parents of primary students K-8.  We are affiliated with Mattole Valley Charter School, which is a California State Public Charter School. All our services are free.

Our staff includes fully credentialed high school teachers as well as California credentialed high school science and PE teachers and an academic counselor. Some HSU post graduate students also deliver math instruction under the supervision of our NCLB authorized highly qualified math teachers. Instruction is delivered through a combination of individual tutoring, small group instruction, concurrent enrollment at College of the Redwoods, online virtual classrooms, independent study contracts and elective course offerings from numerous educational contractors throughout our area. Each student’s overall program represents their unique combination of the above.

Many of our students go to four-year colleges or universities directly from our program, some with scholarships. Because of concurrent enrollment opportunities, some Campus House students graduate our program with a considerable amount of college credits. Most of the time those credits will transfer to other colleges and universities, thereby enabling some students to begin their post high school education with some college course work already completed.

Students that have not been high academic achievers thrive here as well. Our teachers and tutors employ “grace” and our reluctant learners like and respond to their non-threatening manner.  We are able to employ great flexibility in order to find the best combination of educational opportunities for each individual under our direction.  Campus House students and their parents are empowered with control over how we distribute funding for each individual student. We use many outside contractors for the arts and physical education such as: The Fire Arts Studio, Redwood Ballet, Humboldt Music Academy, The Studio School, Eureka Driving School and Arcata Parks and Recreation.  These are an example of the many contractors that serve our students.

Students, for whom earning income is a priority, have the advantage of our flexible independent study schedule. This allows them the ability to work and receive work study credits during hours that are traditionally set aside for attendance at site base schools. Some students come to school daily, while others take their lessons at home.  All students are encouraged to choose the most rigorous course of instruction that fits their post-high school needs.

Highly skilled teachers hold individual tutoring and small group classes at Campus House. Currently:

  • Mary K. Havens teaches classes in English and Social Studies. She holds a Masters degree in teaching from Bennington College in Vermont as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She has a Single Subject credential in English, and has taught all levels of high school English. Mary holds NCLB Highly Qualified status in Math and Social Studies. Additionally, Mary coordinates various aspects of Campus House and along with Lance, oversees the general operation of the Campus House Learning Center.
  • Lance Blodgett teaches American Government and Economics. He holds a California State Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, as well as California State Single Subject Teaching Credentials in various subjects including Industrial Arts, Social Studies, Sports and Games, Art and Photography. He is NCLB Highly Qualified in most high school subjects. Along with Mary, Lance oversees much of the instruction and general operation of Campus House.
  • Tammy Lindley holds a California State Teaching Credential in High School Science. She teaches college preparatory chemistry & biology.
  • Jamie Ellison holds a California State Teaching Credential in High School PE and oversees the curriculum, testing and fitness plans for all students taking PE.
  • Emily Carlson is our Academic Counselor. She holds a master’s degree in Counseling and a Pupil Personnel Services credential from CSU-Sacramento
  • Rose Andersen holds a bachelors degree from Sarah Lawrence College with a focus in writing and performing arts. She is also a private tutor.
  • Jennifer Rand teaches creative writing and tutors students in math and language arts. She has a Master’s degree in literature from Humboldt State University.
  • Diana Diyarza teaches Integrated 1,2 and 3 and Introduction to Ethnic Studies. She is currently a senior at Humboldt State University studying Mathematics.

Phone: 707-822-5661